Guo Weimin attends 2nd BRICS governance seminar
Guo Weimin, vice minister of the State Council Information Office of China, attended the second BRICS Seminar on Governance held in Johannesburg, South Africa on July 4.
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BRICS think tanks hold seminar on global governance in interests of people
The emphasis is placed on BRICS countries' role in and contribution to promoting the building of a fairer, more equal, more just and more democratic international political and economic order, demonstrating the importance of BRICS countries in strengthening cooperation to promote global governance, accelerate world development and achieve win-win from the perspective of political security.
Centered around the theme of the 10th BRICS Summit in 2018, namely, "BRICS in Africa: Collaboration for Inclusive Growth and Shared Prosperity in the 4th Industrial Revolution," participants at the seminar will discuss the importance of BRICS countries in strengthening cooperation to jointly prompt inclusive growth and realize the comprehensive, balanced and sustainable development of the world economy and trade.
BRICS countries are the world's major emerging countries. They share similar development stage and bear the same mission of realizing rejuvenation of the state and nation. Through exchanging views on governance, especially global governance, the seminar aims to share experiences on governance and promote the exploration of BRICS experiences in this regard, which are expected to provide useful references for other emerging and developing countries.
The BRICS Seminar on Governance 2018 is a specific measure to implement the BRICS Leaders Xiamen Declaration and an important event to precede the 10th BRICS Summit in 2018. It is crucial to promote the institutionalization of BRICS exchanges of experiences in governance, expand the circle of friends for BRICS exchange and cooperation, and contribute wisdom and solutions to opening the second "Golden Decade" of BRICS cooperation.
South African National School of Government
South African Human Sciences Research Council
Publicity Department of the CPC Central Committee
China Foreign Languages Publishing Administration
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